Sunday, April 29, 2007

Australia win...yawn

One of the most boring episodes of Cricket world cup came to a conclusion yesterday. The interesting part is, most of us knew Australia would win the cup and more than that they deserved to win the cup, but everyone hoped otherwise.

While this world cup will be something which Australia will remember because of the hat-trick of the world cups and Glenn Mcgrath's retirement from one day stage, there are whole bunch of other reasons for which I will remember this world cup , like the empty stands in key matches, Bob Woolmer's sad death, India and Pakistan's early exit, Lara and Inzamam's retirement, Flintoff flipping of the boat, but for me something which will remain etched is how a bunch of five experience cricket officials could not get the rules clear and made Sri Lanka come and play the three overs again in the Final of the world cup.

For now I am going to sit back and hope for 2011, when India once again will try to stake claim for the prestigious cup (....hopefully).

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Where the Indian MAN GOES...Indian MANGOES follow

Finally the wait is over. Can't wait to get my share of these MANGOES :)

Monday, April 23, 2007

Quota system...Khotta system !!

The Indian politics largely revolves around issues which instead of getting the country developing gets it one step behind. Out of many such issues which affect the youth directly is the illogical quota system in education. The various categories of SC, OBC and many others are just ways for people to misuse the system. All that the Quota system does it, denies a harworking merit based student to miss out on an oppurtunity of pursuing his childhood dream. What it also does is stops some people to try their achieve something. I have some friends who belong from well to do families, but at the same time fall in the quota or the reservation. These are brilliant students too but what they aim is 70% and not 95% ....why?...because the system allows them to think low.

What the Indian Government needs to do is to develop infrastructure to support students financially at the base level. Also if they want to keep the reservations, they should keep it till 7th grade or max 10th grade, beyond that it should be totally merit based. I know there are more than million of students, parents in the country who share this emotion that I do but at the same time they know, the politics of this country will only increase the reservations.

While this happens many people will pursue dreams before harsh realities will come and face them and many will die out of depression or rather lets say "the reservation oppression".

This is something which I faced after my 12th grade and it changed my career, it changed my dreams and it was not because of lack of merit but it was due to lack of having a lower caste certificate...

United we stand.....Doordarshan ishtyle

I dont know how many of you remember the below cartoon that used to come on Doordarshan when it was the only channel we had India. Its a nice one on UNITY...Check it out

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Fly by Dubai !!

Friday, April 20, 2007 can do better

This is what is "news" for Rediff.

The way it is covering the Abhishek & Aishwarya wedding is just hilarious.

I just can't wait till the headlines say "Abhishek just entered his bedroom"

Come on Rediff you can do better than this. There is more happening in India which effects the common man. So please just dont look for number of hits to your website but start giving some more qualitative news.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wi-Fi theft ..the Hi- Fi way !!!

Today's BBC carries a column on Wi-Fi theft incident. I found it very amusing and hilarious too. Well then obviously the only thing that comes to the mind is that it takes all kind to make this eventful world of ours.

Lets Jigg it...

The brilliant concept started by Zaid Farooqui and team in the form iJigg is just a phenomenal idea. The whole website has such a good look and feel about it and the concept of music sharing across the world by musicians, upcoming talents and people who just want to give it a shot is just amazing. In addition, it also allows the bloggers to embed any music they like into their blog space. An idea which they agree was inspired by youtube.

I have just embedded one of the popular tracks from the site. Like youtube you can add comments and or rate the music by adding jiggs to it. I am sure in days to come this going to be a great success the way youtube is. It already has kicked up with a huge coverage on the blogosphere.

Till then take a seat back and jig the iJigg way.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Value of life

The Virginia tech shootout that happened today is a sad reminder of how the value of life has diminished in the modern day world. I am still coming to grip with the shootout. Over the days the reason for the shooting will be evident but what remains a sad fact is the easy accessibility of guns in the modern day US. There has to be a better effort on the part of the authorities to make the accessibility of arms limited and also monitored.

May the soul of each student who lost his life in this tragic incident rest in peace and God gives their near ones the strength to get over this horrific and tragic incident.

Rain Rain..go away

The amazing thing about the effect of global warming is that you get to see all possible weathers in a span of two weeks in the part of US that I currently reside in. Just a week back it was snowing in NJ and then from there it moved to nice summer sun-shine and then a nightmare of rain and chilliness for the past two days. The North eastern have got in such torrential rain and there has been major flooding causing disrupts of travel times and huge power cuts.

So you have to possibly take all the detours, to be sure you reach office in good 2-3 hrs for a 45 minutes journey. Well these are the many effects of the huge geographical changes across continents and lets see what future has in store for us.

Well, lets see when the skies open,..till then all there is to say is rain rain ...go and nephew want to play

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

West Indies Cricket - RIP

An event like world cup cricket having mediocre turn-out in key matches is just the indication of how the cricket is on decline in West Indies. This world cup has disappointed lot many people with formats, the results , the sad death of Woolmer and performances from teams and the crowd turnover.

The authorities in West Indies, who could have made a lot of money and promoted the cricket fever and the country missed some few tricks.

For now the West Indies cricket can just Rest in Peace...