Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The "Rock" Show

Each of us comes across incidents which we think over and just can't stop laughing. I have many such incidents which I remember but the one that stands out happened during my first year engineering.

Our college till that time had not had single "Rock show" which was surprising as other college's in Bombay used to always host such a mega event. The reason for that was the authorities of the institute were very conservative and of the opinion that "Rock show" play a very strong role in disrupting the smooth functioning of the college.

During those time we had a cultural department which used to take care of the activities. So the representatives of the of the cultural committee gathered courage and went with a lot of skepticism to ask the Head of Department the permission for the rock show.

Here are how the events turned out

Representative of CC - "Sirr..uh..we are thinking of hosting a "ROCK SHOW" in December"

A gulp, followed by a silence of 2 minutes ... the other 3 members trying to think now we are going to be blasted

HOD - Hmm..that's a good thought..

A sudden surge of blood filled with happiness and surprise flows across and then comes the statement that has lived life long with most of the students of the college

HOD - Few of the "Rocks" you can use from the Geological department and but where will you get the other rocks for the show
Then iit was extremely difficult to manage a straight face, but with all the courage we looked at each other, asked for more time for research, left his room and burst into a stomach aching fit of laughter.
That incident stands out as the most humorous incident of my life and has always been a topic to share a laugh whenever we friends meet.

Well all said and done what is a life when there is no humor in life ;)

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

For you..A thousand times over

Dearest Khaled Hosseini,

I write this letter to you to thank for one the most soul touching and incredible work of fiction I have read in recent times. I had bought this book two days back from my office book store and two days after it I have finished reading it. The thing about this book that led me to read it in two days straight was not that it was thriller, or was literature rich book, but for the simple fact that my soul kept stirring, my eyes getting moist, my minds trying to picture the changing picture of Afghanistan, where I have never been.

All the characters that you depicted were just so realistic and in the end I just could not decide whether Amir, Hassan, Rahim, Suraya, General or Baba I liked the most but for sure I did like all of them as each of them in some parts of the story represented me, a human. One thing for sure, I did hate Assef from the beginning. Your writing made me hate him and in reality I am sure I do hate such people. The tears that moistened my eyes are a tribute to your writing because, I feel so different after reading this book, I feel that around the world there are people, children who suffer enormous and do not lose the humane personality and people like me whom the Almighty has granted most of my wishes and has not even given 1/20 of the pain of suffering that Sohrab or for that matter Hassan went through and yet happiness eludes me.

There is so much to write to you about the bonding that you showed between Hassan and Amir, Baba and Ali, Baba and Amir and all the other characters but when it come to writing I wish I had a small percent of your skill.

To me your work of fiction is more real than any current affair book I must have read in recent times.

In the end if somebody asks me would I recommend this book I would want to answer
" For your writing.. A thousand times over"