Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is Rape offence pardonable ?

NO.....For many years now I have been reading news papers and coming across innumerous columns about "Rape" cases, many including elderly men taking advantage of girls who dont even know what is being done to them.Whenever I read about these kind of news I am ashamed to be categorized with these individuals as humans and I conclude they are not humans.

We were having a discussion on this topic at office and one thing I realized all of us agreed that these cases should be dealt at the earliest and the only sentence for such an act should be death sentence. Even the death sentence is not going to provide any relief to the victim who had to go through an ordeal which I as a "man" will never be able to comprehend.

But atleast it will send out the right message to these "animals" that if you are found guilty, no pardons, no appeals, straight death sentence.

Many Human Rights people may not agree with me but honestly I dont care. To me Rapists are nothing more than pests and as we do with all pests, terminate them before they mulitply.