Thursday, May 6, 2010

Is Rape offence pardonable ?

NO.....For many years now I have been reading news papers and coming across innumerous columns about "Rape" cases, many including elderly men taking advantage of girls who dont even know what is being done to them.Whenever I read about these kind of news I am ashamed to be categorized with these individuals as humans and I conclude they are not humans.

We were having a discussion on this topic at office and one thing I realized all of us agreed that these cases should be dealt at the earliest and the only sentence for such an act should be death sentence. Even the death sentence is not going to provide any relief to the victim who had to go through an ordeal which I as a "man" will never be able to comprehend.

But atleast it will send out the right message to these "animals" that if you are found guilty, no pardons, no appeals, straight death sentence.

Many Human Rights people may not agree with me but honestly I dont care. To me Rapists are nothing more than pests and as we do with all pests, terminate them before they mulitply.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Age of Notworking...oops..Networking.

Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Hi5 are just few of the names that come immediately to my mind when I think about networking. Its amazing how with the advent of mobile phones and all these amazing sites people are always hooked and connected. Networking takes priority over many f daily needs or rather we push our daily need till a point we cant have a control just to continue our networking.

Today when I look at kids in 7th-10th grade or even college, I just am unable to figure out if I had more fun or they are having more fun. I guess the answer is not straight-forward.
Today there are times when I have observed that individuals who are busy networking don't get time to network at home. While they "Net"work the only thing they do for their families and themselves is "Not"work.

Well Am I saying its a bad thing? Absolutely Not !! Right from being a kid I have learnt "All good things in measured quantity". I am too addicted to networking cause I like to know what my family &friends are doing once in a while, see their pics and also share mine with them, also vent out my frustration in my statuses.

But today looking around myself I kind of get the feeling we are reaching the "age of networking" and "notworking".

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kotchi Kotchi Karte ho..Tharoor koi baat hai...

Ok..So Tharoor resigned.. Sweat stakes were returned..blah blah....I guess that was the intention behind revealing the names of stakeholders on Twitter....

Round 1 - Lalit Modi

Now that the tip of iceberg has been just seen more will be follow and to do that the IT sleuths may have to do as was said in the movie "All the Presidents Men" ....just "Follow the money"

From the whole incident one thing is for sure...while the men in the middle "sweat it out or fight it out" the men behind the scenes "milk it out"

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Using Airtel Blackberry As Modem

I am sure there are many people like me who are trying to use their Blackberry on Airtel Connection as modem (data-card) to browse on their laptops. The sad part is when you call 7070 (tech support), they say they do not provide support for the same.

So after lot of googling, researching, trial and error on this topic, I have successfully managed to connect my Blackberry to use it as a modem and browse internet (especially since I am on the unlimited plan).

So how does it work? Here are the steps

1) Please see that you have the Desktop Software is installed
2) Go to Control Panel --> Click on Phone and Modem Options
3) Click on Modem tab and you should see a Standard modem.
This gets installed along with your blackberry desktop software. If not there, you can download the modem driver from the blackberry website ( But it surely comes with package)
4) Select Standard Modem and select properties
5) A new window for Standard Modem will open
6) Click on the Diagnostics Tab and click on the Query tab, you shall get something like this

AT+GMM - BlackBerry IP Modem

ATI1 - Research In Motion

BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI2 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI3 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI4 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI5 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI6 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem

ATI7 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem

7) Click on the Advanced Tab and enter the following extra initialization command

8) Click OK and close the window
9) Now go to Network Connections (in Control Panel or also in start-up window)
10) Click on "Create New connection" and then
- Select connect to the internet, click on Next
- Select Setup My connection manually", Click on Next
- Select "connect using a dial-up modem", Click Next
- Select "Modem - Standard model" ONLY, Click on Next
- In the name enter the name of your choic e.g."Blackberry Dial-up"
- Enter *99# as phone Number to dial, click next
- Select "Anyone's use", Click on Next
- For Internet account information leave everything empty (user name,password) ,
- Uncheck the 2 options, click next
- Check the "add a shortcut"(If you want the connection shortcut on Desktop),
- Finally Click ON FINISH

Now to connect
- Connect your Berry to the laptop and run the Desktop Software. THIS IS REQUIRED
- click on you new connection and dial and you should be connected and you can browse.
- On the blackberry you should see "Modem Mode Enabled"

Well hope this helps. HAPPY BROWSING :)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Are we Satyam in our dealings?

Recently Satyam (Satyam by the way means True, Truth) has got itself a sure spot in all newspapers, online news lines due to the recent confession by the ex-CEO Raju. The dirty laundry is coming out quick and heavy and has become point of conversation for almost every house whether or not they are directly affected. Everyday we hear SEBI statements and how all auditors who could not ( or probably chose to not) prevent the scam to reach such proportions are coming under the scanner.
Even in my home my brother and me have had numerous discussions around this and other issues which are hitting the IT industry, probably because both of us hail from the same industry.

But what Raju had done on a big level I have in my 8 years experience seen employees, colleagues, friends ,senior management and even sometimes parents doing at smaller levels? For example, I remember when I was relocating the guy from movers and packers asking me "Sir, kitne ka bill doon? " I was surprised and told him to give me the bill according to what I was suppose to pay him for the services. Then he explained that professionals like me used to ask him to give the bills close to their maximum limit provided by company and they would give him and extra 1000 Rs more than the actual charges for doing so.
Every IT professional as a part of growing up understands the importance of honesty and integrity and infact from time to time it is professed by their companies but yet for a mere 10-15 K or even less they let their ethics go for a toss. And these individuals are like a virus because they soon start rubbing this onto other individuals who are still considering if this kind of practice is ethical or not. And one of the most convincing theories that I have heard at all levels in industry is "Company makes so much profit on us and gives us peanuts". Individuals convince themselves that actually what they are doing is justified and does not fall in the purview of ethics.

Once this happens these things start happening regularly. It is sad and deplorable what Raju and few of his associate have done but one thing you have to give to Raju that he had the courage to tell the truth. Maybe he was forced by his situations, but yet he did. Many in such situations would have taken the extreme path especially in the Indian way of thinking. But my question is do we as individuals every think on our dealings. How we have progressed as individuals, living a lavish life style and yet not 100% honest in our dealings.

In early days the money was less, the struggle was more but the ethics were stronger. Today as the educated youth embarks on his/her journey to gain popularity, wealth and admiration from near and dear ones, they start losing their moral self. Not all but most according to my 8 years experience. Its high time we start looking into ourselves and start treating all our personal and professing dealings ethically because if we don't, today when we are just software engineers we can convince ourselves that our unethical wrong doing are justified and tomorrow when we turn out to be leaders of organization and families, we will impart the same unethical practices justifying them as ethical. And one day when it reaches the peak and we are exposed and embarrassed in front of the entire world and then we will sit at some corner hidden from the world questioning ourselves

"Was I Satyam in my dealings?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wonder if Arjun could have done this


Michael Johnson - struck by BOLT !!!

Watch Michael Johnson's reaction to Usain Bolt's winning time at Beijing. Its amazing !!! Wonder what would the record would have been had Bolt celebrated after crossing over the line...

Friday, May 16, 2008

From Round to Right !!!

After eating an awesome chicken sizzler with team, and being called "expanded" in different styles and languages, I have decided to write a quick blog on my newest resolution of getting from the round shape to the right shape.

The ask is difficult and let me tell you....I just love to, chicken and almost all things that contribute a human to attain the designation called "obese"

As of today I have set a target where I shall in next 6 months reach from 39-40 diameter to at least 36 diameter.. Difficult it is, but what the heck, challenge is to attain the difficult target.

In case I am successful to do so, in 6 months I shall post a successful blog with a before and after image of mine and if not, this blog should be considered a rush of blood in the mind and heart; which my stomach overcame along with the support of my taste bud.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Why will I remember 14-Feb-2008 ?

14th February, all around the world marks an occasion for the cupid to play games but for me this year i.e. 2008 it marks as the day where I got up in the morning and did not have to get ready to go to work. A day where I was "jobless" because a day back I bid farewell to my first job. So how does one feel when you have worked in an organization for 7 years and then you decide to "move on". I don't know about others but I surely had a sinking feeling, a feeling of losing my comfort zone, my domain which I had earned all these years working post my graduation.

When I returned my badge, I felt very weird and like in the movies, when a person with lost memory, regains his past, my 7 years flashed in front of me. I remembered my first day when I entered into one of the most beautiful campuses and felt proud to be part of one of the top IT companies in India, rememberedthe fun that I had with friend duing my training period, my countless night-outs (not in clubs partying but in front of the computer debugging code), remembered my awards and achievements, my trip to Taiwan, US and so on.

At the same time today, I am feeling anxious, excited and happy. Anxious because in a day's time I will be moving into my new job, Excited because of the new learnings, challenges and opportunites that await me and happy because I have moved back to Mumbai,the place where I spent my life till I had to leave it for my first job.

On my blog, I would like to thank all my friends, colleagues well-wishers in my first job who have helped me to grow as an individual in this world, both professionally and personally and would like to end this post with Robert Frost's lines (needless to say my favorite lines)

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Relocation within India- Useful info

Hi All,

I am currently going through a painful experience of relocating from Bangalore to Mumbai. Now there are few things that, if you are relocating for the first time you should be aware of. If you do not have a vehicle (car/bike) for transportation then the relocation gets more easy.

Well in case you have a car/bike following are things you need to ensure when relocating within India:
- Get NOC ( No Objecting certicate) for the vehicle which wish to transfer from the current RTO where the vehicle is registered and state tax paid.
- For that you need to furnish the information of the RTO where the vehicle will be transferred to.
- If the vehicle is more than a year old be sure the emission test are done and the insurance is renewed as they are required for the NOC to be done
- If the vehcile is under hypothecation, then you need to get the hypothecation cancelled before you apply for the transfer or get an NOC from the organization on whose name the hypothecation is done. I will always suggest the former one but may vary from situation to situation
- For transporation within India you can use the services of any interstate transportation. is useful as it has list of all the mover& packers also list of people who provide vehicle transportation. Typically for a small car like Santro, Wagon-R and Bike like Splendor, Wind 125 combined the total transportation cost between Bangalore and Mumbai will be around 6500 INR.
- Once your vehicle reaches the new place where you are going to reside than you need to pay the life time tax (LTT) for the state or you can pay a yearly short term tax, in case you are going to relocate again.
- Once the LTT is paid in for the new state, than you need to furnish details at the RTO which will be sent to the old RTO where the vehicle was registered which will reimburse your LTT paid in their state ( This will be subject to deduction for the amount of time vehicle resided in the old state).

In addition one month before you date of moving
- Make a checklist of things you need to do
- Get all your bank/credit card information updated with your new address or the c/o address.
- See that all your outstanding dues are completed for landline, Internet and also the utilities.
- In case you are going through a mid-month cycle, see to it that in all your electric bills, gas bill you have a little higher amount paid than the previous bill depending on your usage which will even out once the new bills come in post your leaving the place.
- Plan your packing and moving so that its not a rush when the deadline approaches.

Well rest all is common sense and may wary from person to person.

Some useful websites
Transportation -
Bangalore RTO -
Q&A on interstate vehicle transfer :

Hope this information is useful and Happy Relocating !!!!