Thursday, May 31, 2007

Dhanda hai par ..Ganda hai yeh !!!

Check out the latest NDTV expose on the BMW case. First politicians, cricketers, actors and then lawyers.

US Visitor Visa for Parents

My parents recently got their 10 years mulitple entry Visitor Visa (B2) so that they can come and visit me here. The process to apply for VISA involves lot preparation from parents as well as the sponsorer side. I am posting my experience so that it may benefit other who are going through the process or wish to start it soon

Pre-VISA preparation:Parents side:

  1. My dad and mom, did not have a marriage certifcate or birth certificate, so got an affidavit created from the same.
  2. My dad has retired and used to work in garment store,so not much of pension to show. Got a letter of employment from the employer stating his service.
  3. Got a letter from his bank manager on the bank letter head (Mentioning the date of account opening , Total deposits for last 3 years, Current Balance,3 months banks statements)
  4. Affidavit of Assurance - Notarized
  5. Proof of Property - Notarized
  6. Got a letter from my brother's employer in Bangalore mentioning he is working since 9 years and his current address proof
  7. Got a letter from my second brother's employer mentioning the same
  8. Pictures of all the family member , grandkids

From my side:

  • To kick start the process by paying the VISA fees and filling the form visit the VFS India website and go through the detail steps

Everything according to the checklist in Path2USa except my birth certificate

  1. Invitation letter
  2. Letter to Consulate
  3. I-134
  4. Account Verification Letter
  5. I-797A ( Extension letter)
  6. Letter of Employment and Salary Certificate on Employee Letter head-
  7. 2 years W2
  8. 3 months bank statements
  9. Colour xerox of all pages of my passport

Next Steps- My parents tooks the following things

  1. Checklist provided on VFS site (signed)- DS-156 for Dad and Mom
  2. Yellow receipt
  3. Copy of interview letter
  4. Copy of front and last pages of passport
  5. Copy of passport with "Remarks" and "Observation"

These documents had to be submitted at the address mentioned in the checklist minimum 5 dayas before. My parents submitted 11 days before

What happens when they went to submit the documents :-

  1. Only the people who are appearing for interview are allowed.
  2. No mobiles or any other stuff beside documents are allowed.
  3. Both parents need to go
  4. They give you a token and make you sit.
  5. When your number is called, you go and submit the documents ( both parents at same time)-
  6. They check the documents and the photograph
  7. If anything is wrong they point out.
  8. Anything wrong with the photo. They will take a photo immediately for you. So my suggestion. Staple the picture and do not GLUE it.
  9. Then they make each of the parents sign on the register. - After that the person at the counter informs you about the option of a bus on the day of interview which will take you from this place to the consulate.
  10. They charge you 200 Rs (As of May 2007) per voucher.
  11. The voucher is optional but is a very good thing because on the day of interview, all you need to do is go half an hour before at the location. They give you seating place and depending on your interview time they send you by buses.
  12. The advantage of going by this bus is you do not have to stand in huge queue outside the consulate and so your parents look fresh when they reach at the consulate

Finally interview day

  1. Parents reached 45 minutes before to the same place where they showed the voucher.- Their interview was schedule for 8.30 am. The bus takes the people in batches
  2. The bus dropped them at the consulate gate at 9.25 am.
  3. ON entrance first, they went through a physical search. Please note try not to carry ANYTHING besides the file for documents
  4. Then their BIOMETRICS (finger scanning) was done.
  5. Next window, they said they required a hindi translator.
  6. Then they were asked to submit their passports and they get an acknowledgement receipt with number on it.
  7. IMPORTANT. After that they sat and waited for their name to be announced. The announcement done on the mike was very feeble. So tell your parents to be attentive.


  1. Their name was called and they went to their window-There was lady translator and lady VO (Visa Officer) and these were the questions that they were asked

VO TO DAD: Whom are you going to visit?

DAD: MY youngest son, XXXXXXXX

VO TO DAD: Since when is he in US?

DAD - Answered the month and the year

VO TO DAD: Are you working?

DAD: No, I am retired

VO TO DAD: Where did you work?

DAD: I was working for XXXX which a private garment store as a Shop Manager

VO TO MOM: How many sons do you have

MOM: 3 sons

VO TO MOM: Where are they

MOM: Eldest son in XXXXwith his family and 2 kids. Second son in XXXXXwho has 1 kid

VO TO MOM: What do they do?

MOM: Eldest one work as an Engineer for XXX Technologies and Second son works in a garmen industry.

VO TO DAD: For how long do you want to go?

DAD: 4 to 5 months

VO TO DAD AND MOM: You have been granted the Visa.



  • They were not asked documents but having the documents makes parents feel confident
  • How you approach the window is observed-
  • Tell them to carry a smile and take atleast 3-4 mock interviews with them. It really helps.


I wish all elderly parents and their kids who are trying to get through this ordeal. All the very best. Please let me know for any queries or documents and I will be more than willing to help or provide information for the same

Dearest Visitors, If you think this blogpost has been useful to you, please drop a note or comment or even a word of criticism if it did not provide the necessary information. Thanks :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

The world of blogging

Around 3 months back my I was oblivious to the world of blogosphere. Today after being told by a friend, "Blogging is the present and the future", I have started exploring the world of blogging. The more I get into it, the more it draws me towards it.

There are many websites and blogs today which help the amateur bloggers to explore the world of blogging and understand the power of blogging like , and many more.

To all the visitors and friends who come and peek at this site, get into this world of amazing potential and express yourself ...for the fun of writing or social networking or may be business networking and if nothing for the purpose of knowledge sharing and knowledge gaining..

happy blogging !!!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

DemocraCy or DemocraZy

Its been known for a while that we have very huge list of criminals in UP, India who are MLAs or MPs. But this particular incident where Anand Sen Yadav was given bail so that he can be sworn as minister just makes me believe the democracy in Uttar pradesh is nothing but democrazy. You can read the complete story here.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ripley's coming to India...Believe it or Not !!!

The Ripley's Believe it or Not !! attractions are going to come to India. Well I say its going to be a big amusement for people visiting Bangalore...Believe it or Not !!!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Competition in the Ad world !!

The Indian domestic airlines have been getting very competitive with the advent of so many new private airlines. This competiveness is now being displayed across in their advertisements and hoardings. The above is a hoarding which was put in by Jet Airways. To which Kingfisher responded by the below hoarding

In the battle of the big guns GO air decided to make the most of the oppurtunity and then came the following hoarding.

Well competiton is always good for consumers and some times amusing too. Atleast in this case.

Monday, May 7, 2007

It happens only in India

David Blake, David Copperfield, Houdini...Do you think these are the biggest illusionist of all time. No way, check out this article about a Boeing 737 which was abandoned in Chembur, Mumbai seven days when a driver took a wrong turn. This plane after being abandoned for more than a week just disappeared overnight to the dismay of the people who would come for a free tour to the Boeing on a regular basis.

Well..Now you you don't ..that's how we do it in India.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Whats the time :)