Friday, May 16, 2008

From Round to Right !!!

After eating an awesome chicken sizzler with team, and being called "expanded" in different styles and languages, I have decided to write a quick blog on my newest resolution of getting from the round shape to the right shape.

The ask is difficult and let me tell you....I just love to, chicken and almost all things that contribute a human to attain the designation called "obese"

As of today I have set a target where I shall in next 6 months reach from 39-40 diameter to at least 36 diameter.. Difficult it is, but what the heck, challenge is to attain the difficult target.

In case I am successful to do so, in 6 months I shall post a successful blog with a before and after image of mine and if not, this blog should be considered a rush of blood in the mind and heart; which my stomach overcame along with the support of my taste bud.