Saturday, October 31, 2009

Using Airtel Blackberry As Modem

I am sure there are many people like me who are trying to use their Blackberry on Airtel Connection as modem (data-card) to browse on their laptops. The sad part is when you call 7070 (tech support), they say they do not provide support for the same.

So after lot of googling, researching, trial and error on this topic, I have successfully managed to connect my Blackberry to use it as a modem and browse internet (especially since I am on the unlimited plan).

So how does it work? Here are the steps

1) Please see that you have the Desktop Software is installed
2) Go to Control Panel --> Click on Phone and Modem Options
3) Click on Modem tab and you should see a Standard modem.
This gets installed along with your blackberry desktop software. If not there, you can download the modem driver from the blackberry website ( But it surely comes with package)
4) Select Standard Modem and select properties
5) A new window for Standard Modem will open
6) Click on the Diagnostics Tab and click on the Query tab, you shall get something like this

AT+GMM - BlackBerry IP Modem

ATI1 - Research In Motion

BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI2 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI3 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI4 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI5 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem
ATI6 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem

ATI7 - Research in Motion BlackBerry IP Modem

7) Click on the Advanced Tab and enter the following extra initialization command

8) Click OK and close the window
9) Now go to Network Connections (in Control Panel or also in start-up window)
10) Click on "Create New connection" and then
- Select connect to the internet, click on Next
- Select Setup My connection manually", Click on Next
- Select "connect using a dial-up modem", Click Next
- Select "Modem - Standard model" ONLY, Click on Next
- In the name enter the name of your choic e.g."Blackberry Dial-up"
- Enter *99# as phone Number to dial, click next
- Select "Anyone's use", Click on Next
- For Internet account information leave everything empty (user name,password) ,
- Uncheck the 2 options, click next
- Check the "add a shortcut"(If you want the connection shortcut on Desktop),
- Finally Click ON FINISH

Now to connect
- Connect your Berry to the laptop and run the Desktop Software. THIS IS REQUIRED
- click on you new connection and dial and you should be connected and you can browse.
- On the blackberry you should see "Modem Mode Enabled"

Well hope this helps. HAPPY BROWSING :)


Anonymous said...


Great stuff, any idea what needs to be changed to do this on an Etisalat (UAE) BlackBerry?


Sajid Azmi said...

Well i know you could configure for etisalat till sometimes back but they blocked it. As per my understand usiing etisalat BB as tethered modem is illegal

Sajid Azmi said...
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