Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Relocation within India- Useful info

Hi All,

I am currently going through a painful experience of relocating from Bangalore to Mumbai. Now there are few things that, if you are relocating for the first time you should be aware of. If you do not have a vehicle (car/bike) for transportation then the relocation gets more easy.

Well in case you have a car/bike following are things you need to ensure when relocating within India:
- Get NOC ( No Objecting certicate) for the vehicle which wish to transfer from the current RTO where the vehicle is registered and state tax paid.
- For that you need to furnish the information of the RTO where the vehicle will be transferred to.
- If the vehicle is more than a year old be sure the emission test are done and the insurance is renewed as they are required for the NOC to be done
- If the vehcile is under hypothecation, then you need to get the hypothecation cancelled before you apply for the transfer or get an NOC from the organization on whose name the hypothecation is done. I will always suggest the former one but may vary from situation to situation
- For transporation within India you can use the services of any interstate transportation. is useful as it has list of all the mover& packers also list of people who provide vehicle transportation. Typically for a small car like Santro, Wagon-R and Bike like Splendor, Wind 125 combined the total transportation cost between Bangalore and Mumbai will be around 6500 INR.
- Once your vehicle reaches the new place where you are going to reside than you need to pay the life time tax (LTT) for the state or you can pay a yearly short term tax, in case you are going to relocate again.
- Once the LTT is paid in for the new state, than you need to furnish details at the RTO which will be sent to the old RTO where the vehicle was registered which will reimburse your LTT paid in their state ( This will be subject to deduction for the amount of time vehicle resided in the old state).

In addition one month before you date of moving
- Make a checklist of things you need to do
- Get all your bank/credit card information updated with your new address or the c/o address.
- See that all your outstanding dues are completed for landline, Internet and also the utilities.
- In case you are going through a mid-month cycle, see to it that in all your electric bills, gas bill you have a little higher amount paid than the previous bill depending on your usage which will even out once the new bills come in post your leaving the place.
- Plan your packing and moving so that its not a rush when the deadline approaches.

Well rest all is common sense and may wary from person to person.

Some useful websites
Transportation -
Bangalore RTO -
Q&A on interstate vehicle transfer :

Hope this information is useful and Happy Relocating !!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sajid,

Long time no news... Found this blog through your LinkedIn entry. So which part of Bombay, sorry Mumbai are you located?

Good to know that you are with Lehman Brothers. Any chance of a trip here? If you are in NYC, do look me up. You know where to get my email... any of the three girls at Koramangala, of course! :-)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sajid,

is there any place which gives more details on payment of yearly tax while moving the car from one state to another? most places i've seen suggest paying the life tax, but haven't seen any place describing yearly tax payment.