Friday, February 15, 2008

Why will I remember 14-Feb-2008 ?

14th February, all around the world marks an occasion for the cupid to play games but for me this year i.e. 2008 it marks as the day where I got up in the morning and did not have to get ready to go to work. A day where I was "jobless" because a day back I bid farewell to my first job. So how does one feel when you have worked in an organization for 7 years and then you decide to "move on". I don't know about others but I surely had a sinking feeling, a feeling of losing my comfort zone, my domain which I had earned all these years working post my graduation.

When I returned my badge, I felt very weird and like in the movies, when a person with lost memory, regains his past, my 7 years flashed in front of me. I remembered my first day when I entered into one of the most beautiful campuses and felt proud to be part of one of the top IT companies in India, rememberedthe fun that I had with friend duing my training period, my countless night-outs (not in clubs partying but in front of the computer debugging code), remembered my awards and achievements, my trip to Taiwan, US and so on.

At the same time today, I am feeling anxious, excited and happy. Anxious because in a day's time I will be moving into my new job, Excited because of the new learnings, challenges and opportunites that await me and happy because I have moved back to Mumbai,the place where I spent my life till I had to leave it for my first job.

On my blog, I would like to thank all my friends, colleagues well-wishers in my first job who have helped me to grow as an individual in this world, both professionally and personally and would like to end this post with Robert Frost's lines (needless to say my favorite lines)

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep"


Saima Azmi said...

wow... i just felt in love with you(r) writing! :)) Wishing you the best in very walk of life.


Arhama said...

I am sure your writings is not the only thing Sam is in love with:)

Well written and all the best for your new job!!

Yash said...

Sazid bhai! All the best at your new place. nice blog!!!

Neelam said...

Well Written!

ekta said...

So,howz life in Mumbai,must be doing great!!
See,am reading your blogs..:-))

Anonymous said...

hows the new job going? mumbai must be fun!!good luck -Vrushali

Anonymous said...

Guess Who?...First of all…Nice Blog!.
Clue for you...from Old org...been with you for 7 years...from Mumbai :) All the best Sajid Bhai...

Amisha said...

Hi Sajid!..
Its been quite sometime since I visited your blog..and woah!..this one stole the show..well written and hows life going?:)

Waiting to read more!
Take care

Sajid Azmi said...

Saima : Thanks for the wishes

Arhama: Thanks for stopping by and also thanks for your vote of confidence

Yash: Thank you for wishes.

Neelam:: Thanks for stopping by and commenting

Ekta: Life in mumbai is good. Good to see you stopping by and reading my blogs :)

Amisha: Thanks for visting the blog. Hope lifes treating you good :)

Anju said...

Sajid dat was a rele nice piece... N to know dat i ve helped u grow personally and profesionally.,was rele nice..lolzzzzzzzzzz